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WElix provides control

We offer consultancy and a working environment software developed internally. Netlife Research has helped us to develop a user-friendly solution.

Decision support and efficient processes

WElix aids in a multitude of acknowledged and often required workflows for working environment management:

  • Integrated working environment plans
  • Current status and trends of working environment
  • Identification and monitoring of groups at particular risk
  • Generate up to date Working Environment Area Charts (WEAC) at any time
  • Integrated Working Environment Area Limits (WEAL) with current status
  • Always up to date regulations and requirements
  • Risk based priority overviews
  • Experience transfer between your installations
  • Import and gain insight from reports and measurements

Assists in day to day work

WElix provides integrated tools for:

  • Analyses mandated by Norsok S-002
  • Working environment programme and activity plans
  • Hazard identification and follow up actions prioritised by risk
  • Identification, monitoring and following up of risk exposed groups
  • Identification, monitoring and following up focus areas
  • Inspections, workshops, assessments and measurements
  • Attachment of relevant regulations and requirements
  • Viewing full history of all data in the system
  • Generating reports for internal use or requested by authorities

Tailored for your organisation and installations

Welix allows extensive configuration to match your company’s projects and organisation, such as:

  • Installation maps
  • Requirement packages
  • Risk matrices
  • Status codes
  • Multi purpose tags
  • Working roles/groups

Assistance with implementation in your organisation

We deliver working environment support to ensure that you gain optimal use of the software i.e:

  • Working environment consultancy and training
  • User conferences
  • Bridging document to your QA system
  • Establishing tailored requirement sets and checklists integrated in the software.
  • Establishing 80 % tasklists including main processes and roles.
  • WEHRA workshops facilitation where the task lists are completed and the tasks are assessed.
  • Adding the processes, roles and task lists to the software.
  • Developing a WEAC philosophy clarifying the status codes, risk matrix, the acceptance criteria, bridging to other systems etc.
  • Establishing a working environment program and add this to the WElix.
  • Establishing WEAL and/or add this to the software.

Usability philosophy

  • Make users awesome: The tool should help the users to achieve their goals, not stand in their way.
  • Clear path: There should be one obvious way to accomplish your task
  • Drilldown: Starting from a high level view it should be easy to find specific data.
  • High signal to noise ratio: Calm and appealing user interface which does not steal focus from the data.
  • Proximity: For each data point related data, reports, exports etc should be available in the same view.
  • Clear purpose: It should not be necessary to guess what any given element will do when clicked.
  • Nothing is forbidden: Users with low access level should not see functionality that they are not allowed to use.


Netlife Research has helped us to develop a user friendly solution. Our customers contribute with their constructive questions and new insights in a continuous improvement process of WElix.

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